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An All-in-One CRM System to Manage E-Sales Operations

Peter Zielke

Peter Zielke

CEO at Exigo

"Andersen team rectified even the smallest issue"

An All-in-One CRM System to Manage E-Sales Operations

About the client

Exigo is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for direct selling companies. Exigo gives clients the software infrastructure they need to create the best IT products for their unique businesses.

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About the project

Andersen's commitment to tech excellence is clearly visible in this CRM case study. Our team has created an all-in-one CRM system that provides the possibility to quickly build a customized, robust, and end-to-end direct-selling ecosystem.

The architecture implemented by our specialists for this CRM project has significantly improved the app's performance, reduced costs, and enhanced the tracking of goods, orders, and contractors for Exigo. There were some unforeseen problems during the delivery and operations support phase, but our team managed to quickly and effectively resolve them, thus earning appreciation from CEO of Exigo, Peter Zielke. He expressed his admiration for our ability to be agile and address new challenges.

To sum up, our work on this project has proved our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions and providing exceptional customer service. The resulting product has helped Exigo focus on increasing its market share and winning new clients, which makes this project a success for all parties involved.

duration36 months


JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap




Dapper, Xamarin Forms

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Web and mobile versions of the CRM platform

Application functionality

The developed platform is an extensive CRM system used for direct sales of various goods and services. As a CRM implementation example, it consists of numerous modules and is designed to automate business processes and improve the efficiency of employees and contractors. The system allows users to create an IT solution that can be customized and adapted to their business and corporate needs. It can be a catalog, order management system, event adjuster, or any other tool that a client needs.


The architecture implemented for the Exigo CRM project by our developers has significantly accelerated, automated, and simplified the work of the app, as well as reduced costs, optimized the handling of goods, orders, and contractors, and increased clients' sales. The delivered product has helped the customer increase its market share and win new clients. After the system’s launch, the client satisfaction rate reached 87%.

Customer review


Peter Zielke

CEO at Exigo



As with any solution delivery and operations support project, unforeseen problems arise that have to be addressed. The manner in which the Andersen team rectified even the smallest issue is indeed a tribute to your organization. In addition, we really appreciate an opportunity to be agile in terms of changing needs, because your company was able to provide highly professional engineers able to address new challenges.

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