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GBank is a modern and progressive finance organization working on a digital basis. It offers digital banking and mobile apps for both personal and business accounts.

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Project overview

Andersen took on the challenge of creating a finance tool for GBank – a digital finance organization based in Georgia. Our goal was to build two native mobile apps for iOS and Android that would provide GBank's clients with a quick, seamless, and convenient experience. These apps offer all the features one could expect today. It is possible to get authorized remotely, open and manage accounts, deal with cards and loans, use QR codes for finance purposes, and more.

In order to modernize GBank's IT infrastructure, we expanded their existing resources using AWS Cloud and adopted an IaC approach for resource management. This ensured increased flexibility, simplicity, and convenience in allocating new environments and resources. Additionally, our solutions encompassed the implementation of the BPM Corezoid engine for business logic. It provided for the advanced capabilities mentioned above.

Throughout this 12-month project, we worked closely with GBank to prepare the requirements and the design and ultimately achieved the successful implementation of the MVP functionality. As a result, the GBank mobile app is now poised to attract small and medium-sized enterprises as new clients.

duration12 months


Java, Python


Swift, Kotlin




Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, ClickHouse, ELK, Perl, Ansible, Terraform

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The user interface of GBank's mobile app

IT architecture context

The customer has two data centers for the app. In order to scale their resources, update processes, and use innovative solutions, we decided to expand existing resources via AWS Cloud. Before the start of the mobile banking app project, an investigation process showed that the company used a classic approach to infrastructure management. All new resources were allocated manually through the operations team. The app was deployed in manual mode to dedicated virtual servers for each environment.


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GBank's previous approach to infrastructure management


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GBank's current approach to infrastructure management

IT architecture benefits

  • IaC (Infrastructure as Code) approach for resource management
  • Adaptation of DRP processes to the new architecture
  • Flexibility, simplicity and convenience. Allocation of new environments, resources
  • Unification of assembly and deployment processes on the environments
  • ElastiCache scalable service for storing cached data

Project solutions

  • 2 native applications (iOS and Android)
  • Improved application architecture
  • BPM Corezoid engine for business logic

App functionality

  • Remote authentication
  • Opening accounts
  • Opening corporate cards
  • Granting loans
  • QR installment plan
  • Add users and access control

Project results

Thanks to the establishment of well-thought-out technical processes and the introduction of the latest technology, the work was significantly accelerated. This allowed managers to focus on business process development and scale the company.

  • Andersen's team successfully implemented an MVP with 100% functionality;
  • The bank attracted new SMEs shortly after the product's launch;
  • The Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach was adopted for resource management, which improved disaster recovery processes;
  • The application architecture was upgraded, which resulted in flexibility, simplicity, and convenience for allocating new environments and resources.

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