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A FinTech Portal to Compare Utility Payment Rates

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A FinTech Portal to Compare Utility Payment Rates

About the client

Verivox, a European energy and utility price aggregator, has been making markets more transparent since 1998. They aim to save clients time and money by enabling comprehensive comparisons of tariffs and pricing plans. With over two billion euros saved for clients, the customer's proprietary Verivox portal is a dependable and trusted player in the market.

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Project overview

The Verivox price comparison portal project was focused on upgrading and modernizing the customer's platform for gathering, aggregating, and displaying multiple utility companies' rates to end-clients. Andersen's Front-end and Back-end engineering teams worked tirelessly to bring the platform's functionality to life so that visitors could easily compare rates via a comparison table and choose the most suitable vendor based on specified parameters. With an experienced Project Manager leading the process, our engineers followed the best industry practices to give Verivox a robust and efficient online consumer portal.

The platform's ability to collect, bundle, and show rates from different utility companies has greatly improved, and the needs of Verivox have been successfully satisfied. A Tech Lead at Verivox praised our IT specialists for their swift onboarding and reliable, high-quality coding practices, stating that our developers became an integral and valuable part of their in-house Scrum team. Andersen's specialists have proved themselves to be the right choice, and Verivox is extremely satisfied with the results of the project.

duration35+ months
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Utility rates overview and statistics page

App functionality

  • Profile management for utility companies (setting, editing, resetting passwords, and generating reports);
  • Storage and versioning of partner site configurations (styles, headers, templates, and available options);
  • Connection with partner services (creating apps, altering statuses, and generating reports);
  • Selection of services according to user-specified preferences and parameters;
  • Implementing techniques like lazy loading, code splitting, caching, and Server-Side Rendering for performance optimization;
  • Implementing security measures like CSRF protection, sanitizing user input, etc;
  • Enabling universal access, encompassing diverse needs. Includes alt text, keyboard navigation, semantic HTML, and screen reader support.


Andersen's software engineers assisted the customer with the development and optimization of their Verivox price comparison calculator, observing and applying the best IT practices and working under the guidance of an industry-experienced Project Manager.

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Customized invoice creation page

Project results

Since our team had all the necessary resources and talent, the requested specialists were quickly assigned to work on the platform. This allowed the customer to avoid a time-consuming search for on-site IT experts, resulting in a 10% increase in development speed during the Verivox price comparison platform project.

  • The quickly upgraded Verivox price comparison portal can now boast an improved ability to collect, aggregate, and display rates from multiple utility companies;
  • Andersen provided the needed expertise within 10 business days, which saved the customer a lot of time and resources;
  • The platform's performance has been successfully improved by our team, and the customer's needs have been successfully met.

Customer review

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Andersen has helped us obtain a price comparison portal focused on different private loans. Five of their experienced coders were selected to work on Angular and Angular.js interfaces and C# and PHP microservices. The onboarding process is quite quick – two weeks instead of three months – if one chooses to hire a developer.

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