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Internal Tools for a Travel Company

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Technical Lead at TUI Deutschland

"Andersen's hard-working and talented people establish open communication"

Internal Tools for a Travel Company

About the client

TUI is a leading travel and tourism service provider working all over the globe. Correspondingly, it has multiple offices in different countries and is determined to effectively manage its workflows.

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Project overview

TUI approached our company as a dependable provider of custom travel software. The customer's objective was to optimize their corporate workflows and make end-client services more user-friendly. Andersen's team was entrusted with engineering four advanced projects from scratch and providing advice on design, stemming from the top-notch travel website design examples. With a focus on intuitive navigation, accessible controls, and a user-friendly visual design, our UI/UX experts worked tirelessly to deliver top-quality solutions.

During the 22-month project, we applied such technologies as Golang, MongoDB, Vue.js, Node.js, HAPI, and Angular to craft an internal tool for managing regions, a system for tracking APIs, a service for transforming data, and a marketing tool for managing TUI's email campaigns. Since the customer didn't have its own IT staff, our company provided multitasking specialists to develop these software projects, working on several aspects at once.

TUI Deutschland was highly satisfied with the job performed by our Front-end development team. Their Tech Lead praised our hard-working and talented people who established open and honest communication, enabling a smooth workflow and allowing TUI to fully focus on their clients. The success of this project showcases Andersen's commitment to delivering top-quality solutions that drive tangible results for our customers.

duration22 months


6M approach

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TUI's trip search page

App functionality

  • An internal tool for managing regions for tourism, grouping them while displaying on landing pages;
  • Tracking an API using a region identifier that focuses on attracting leads;
  • Displaying benefits of a particular booking and all monetary savings aggregated from the best tourism website examples;
  • A service that adapts the information to the appropriate format by collecting data and transforming it correctly;
  • A marketing tool designed to manage TUI email campaigns for importing a JSON data file, using the tool to create or edit existing campaigns, and then export their updated version;
  • Integrating with analytics tools to track user interactions and app performance.


Since TUI didn’t have its own engineering team, we provided multitasking specialists who assisted in the development of internal projects, including a travel website example, and worked on several aspects at once. The delivered solutions allow the customer's employees to interact with the internal database faster, manage content, and quickly reply to market needs. In addition, the resulting solutions are notable for their convenient, optimized, and streamlined UI/UX. As a result, the end-users now feel more engaged, satisfied, and effective at work.

Project results

Andersen's team is thrilled to report that the project was a resounding success for our customer. Not only did the implementation of our cutting-edge tools reduce the time spent on the preparation of marketing materials by 30%, but they were also praised for their intuitive interface and usability by the customer's focus group. The success of this project demonstrates our commitment to delivering top-quality solutions that drive tangible results for our customers.

Customer review


Technical Lead at TUI Deutschland


Review verified by clutch and matches the customer’s words

The Front-End development team provided helped us push out high-quality products in a timely manner, meeting our expectations, so we could fully focus on our clients. Andersen's hard-working and talented people establish open and honest communication to ensure a smooth workflow.

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