The Top Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Go Without Software Testing Services

Evgeniy Brik

Evgeniy Brik

Head of QA at Andersen

Quality Assurance
Nov 9, 2022
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In 2020, companies and institutions in the US jointly suffered a loss of an incredible $2.08 trillion. Do you want to know what caused this? The answer is simple but rather predictable: poor-quality software. Given the fierce competition in today’s increasingly digitized market, reducing software’s time to market while not compromising its innovativeness and quality is of primary importance. Andersen’s experts have prepared a concise but very helpful piece explaining in what ways software testing services help companies thrive.

Software testing services basics

As ISTQB’s experts put it, the term ‘software testing’ refers to all lifecycle activities, static and dynamic, that are associated with planning, preparing, and evaluating a component or system and related work products to establish that they meet specified requirements, are fit for purpose, and have no defects. One can secure the satisfactory quality of software that meets the business owner’s and customers’ expectations by performing a series of manual and automated checks that take place within a clearly defined test plan and overall strategy.

The compliance of software with its functional and non-functional requirements is ensured throughout the entire product life cycle and on different levels, i.e. unit, integration, and end-to-end. In case of any discrepancies, the bugs are fixed either by the developers or by QA engineers, and the verification takes place again. When the actual results match the ones that have been stipulated in the specifications, this version of the product can be released.

As a result of the above process, the business meets its goals in full while customers obtain a well-thought-out, usable, secure, and high-performance solution that meets their needs.

What are software testing services?

A software testing company commonly offers the following types of work:

  • Automates the testing processes by leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The setting up of a continuous testing flow contributes to faster releases and favorable investment returns.
  • Audits its customers’ software testing life cycle to consult with them on how to increase its robustness. As a result, businesses receive a roadmap and other deliverables with a clear overview of issues and exhaustive instructions on how to amend them in the most effective way.
  • Assigns skilled managers to establish well-oiled processes by carefully selecting professionals, as well as by educating businesses’ in-house teams.
  • Adroitly tailors the work to deliver the very outcomes that a business needs by carefully considering its industry specifics and focusing on the corresponding type of QA software testing.
  • Thoroughly checks software performance to ensure its seamless operation, the possibility to scale and handle stress loads - all this to deliver the product that the business’s clients can rely on and be happy with.

The reasons why you need software testing services

Businesses from promising startups to well-established enterprises request QA testing services for the following reasons.

Reducing project risks and optimizing expenses

Entrusting your project to professionals will alleviate the burden from in-house specialists. Sometimes businesses can even eliminate expenses associated with hiring and retaining employees. Thorough quality verification expedites the launch and thus, allows companies to cut development costs. On top of that, seamlessly performing software substantially reduces the load on firms’ customer service and lowers product maintenance costs.

Boosting product’s reliability

Various software malfunctions can lead to tremendous reputational costs, especially when it comes to spheres where vulnerable data is involved, e.g. finance or healthcare. QA software testing saves companies from reputational risks associated with data loss or leakage and secures their compliance with mandatory standards and regulations, e.g. GDPR.

Aiming for supreme software quality

By availing themselves of custom QA testing services, businesses greatly increase their chances of delivering software of outstanding quality. This is possible thanks to well-devised test plans that provide for thorough quality verification against the requirements. Seasoned specialists won’t miss a thing while checking every aspect of your product, e.g. UI user-friendliness, the robustness of API integrations, etc. In addition, they have a pool of various professional-grade tools at their disposal and thus, are able to ensure software compatibility with the necessary browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Reliable quality speaks in favor of your product which is of crucial importance in today’s saturated market. A trusted QA testing company will make sure that your solution is well-known for its soundness and that your clients’ favorable first impression isn’t ruined.

Factors to consider when choosing a software testing company

Having top-level experts by your side is invaluable. Based on its experience, Andersen recommends that companies pay attention to the following aspects when outsourcing software testing.

The engagement model

This determines the course of your cooperation with the vendor, both your and their scope of responsibility, and the level of engagement in the project. Out of all the possibilities, Andersen recommends our customers turn to a dedicated team. The specialists will provide a comprehensive approach to solving issues of any complexity while you will be able to direct the course of the project at a strategic level. At the same time, the daily planning and management routine will remain in the hands of your vendor’s project manager.

The specialists’ location

Along with competitive rates and top-notch expertise offered by offshoring, hiring specialists located in a different country carries risks associated with challenges in communication and cultural discrepancies. Andersen’s seasoned project managers are able to get around these obstacles; moreover, having offices and development centers in a number of countries makes us ever-available to undertake digital initiatives in any part of the world.

Process robustness

An experienced software testing company boasts well-oiled processes, which is reflected in everything from the range of documents they draw up to the updates they deliver. Make sure that your vendor has a well-established management flow and solid reporting practices. Does your partner guarantee alignment with project objectives by signing a service-level agreement? Do they ensure thorough protection of your data by providing a non-disclosure agreement? Confirm with the team that they will tailor the quality metrics to your project’s unique needs. Finally, the adherence of the QA testing company to Agile methodology is a must as this provides for their enhanced flexibility and adaptability to altering requirements.


Software testing is a complex process that necessitates a high level of accuracy and professionalism. Entrusting it to dedicated specialists will free you up to focus on your business’s overall strategic development and on driving innovations.

Andersen offers the help of experienced testers, QA leads, QA architects, software engineers in test, and other experts to ensure the outstanding quality of our customers’ solutions. Contact us for a free consultation on how to bring the quality of your digital initiative to a new level!

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Evgeniy Brik, Head of QA at Andersen
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